Version Change Log

Nutilities 20210923

  • Added CopyHardcodeMerged to Random Beta Stuff — CTRL + Alt + C
  • Added =textToNumber to Custom Formulas
  • Fixed =getWorksheetNames formula to reference the worksheet the formula is on, instead of the active sheet.

Nutilities 20210814

  • Added Org Chart Creator to Charts  — CTRL + Shift + Alt + O
  • Added Fit Font To Shape to Formatting/View — CTRL + Alt + O

Nutilities 20201022

  • Fixed Trace Xtreme Sheet to check for dependents in multi-sheet formulas like =Sum(Sheet1:Sheet9!A1)   — CTRL + Shift + Alt + 3

Nutilities 20201002

  • Added Find External Links to Author’s Favorites — CTRL + Shift + Alt + 2
  • Fixed Trace Xtreme Sheet to check conditional formats, data validations, and shape objects — CTRL + Shift + Alt + 3
  • Fixed Trace Xtreme Sheet to not only check chart series, but also: titles, axis, and data-labels — CTRL + Shift + Alt + 3
  • Fixed Trace Xtreme Sheet to not double count worksheet scoped named ranges — CTRL + Shift + Alt + 3
  • Fixed Trace Xtreme Sheet to porperly find/check the bottom of sheets that have an autofilter applied — CTRL + Shift + Alt + 3
  • Moved MultiSheet Sum Formula to Custom Formulas — CTRL + Alt + L

Nutilities 20200819

  • Added MultiSheet Sum Formula to Random Beta Stuff —  CTRL + Alt + L

Nutilities 20200114

  • Fixed Waterfall Chart creator to allow formulas to be entered on setup sheet that reference the setup sheet — CTRL+Shift+Alt+H
  • Changed Waterfall Chart creator to allow for up to 30 categories — CTRL+Shift+Alt+H
  • Changed Waterfall Chart creator to make the chart’s data labels have a comma separator — CTRL+Shift+Alt+H

Nutilities 20191017

  • Changed MultiSheet Group/Collapse/Ungroup/Expand to use F6 and F7 keys as default, instead of F7 and F8, because some Intel Graphics cards were overriding Ctrl + Alt + F8 to disconnect monitors.

Nutilities 20191011

  • Fixed an issue with Generic Consolidator where it would error on blank sheets when no last row or column was explicitly stated — CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + C
  • Added 3 new custom formulas: getCellSheetName; getCellWorkbookName; getCellWorkbookPath

Nutilities 20191008

  • Added Goto Vlookup Table to Formatting/View — CTRL + Alt + [
  • Added MultiSheet Group to Random Beta Stuff — CTRL + ALT + F7
  • Added MultiSheet Ungroup to Random Beta Stuff — CTRL + ALT + F8
  • Added MultiSheet Collapse to Random Beta Stuff — CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + F7
  • Added MultiSheet Expand to Random Beta Stuff — CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + F8

Nutilities 20190924

  • Completely rebuilt Trace Xtreme: Sheet. Now handles all 1,048,576 rows; named/table ranges; charts; pivots; and indirect formulas — CTRL+Shift+Alt+3
  • Removed Trace Xtreme: Cell.  It has not really been useful since version 2003 — CTRL+Shift+Alt+2

Nutilities 20190812

  • Fixed a Compile Error in Excel 64bit versions due to the smartView hsGetValuePOV Nutility being coded specifically to 32bit Excel. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+X)

Nutilities 20190801

  • Rebuilt All Possible Combination to allow for a larger number of inputs and to have some error handling. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+M)

Nutilities 20190717

  • Patched Password Remover to handle latest way windows deletes empty folders in zip files. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+F5)
  • Updated Super Left Join to fix existing table connections when run on the table. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+.)

Nutilities 20190712

  • Added SuperLeft Join to Author’s Favorites. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+.)
  • Moved 2Table Left Join to Author’s Favorites. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+,)
  • Modified 2Table Left Join to allow for case/text sensitivity preferences
  • Fixed 2Table Left Join to check cell A1 in its finds for the nut_join columns

Nutilities 20190629

  • Added 2Table Left Join to Random Beta Stuff. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+,)
  • Added description for hsGetValuePov  to Random Beta Stuff. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+X)
  • Completely removed code for old 2003 pivot subtotal remover

Nutilities 20190417

  • Revamped how custom keys are setup to be done through a worksheet that can be saved and reused if necessary
  • Added Generic Consolidator to replace Template Consolidator. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+C)
  • Removed Template Consolidator
  • Added an unlisted hsgetvaluePOV for testing with smartview. (CTRL+Shift+Alt+X)
  • Fixed issue where if a Nutility was removed between versions, it would cause key binding/registry errors
  • Fixed issue where if user changed the name of the installer file before installing, and then tried to upgrade versions, they would end up with both versions enabled in excel — throwing an error every time excel opens
  • Fixed the Concaterator Nutility to start with the destination range pre-populated with the top left corner of the range selected at runtime
  • Removed ability to bind a key to old Top Lefter utility — it was bound by default to (CTRL+Shift+Alt+T) which was the same as the new Hierarchy to vLookup
  • Removed ability to bind a key to old 2003 Pivot Table Subtotal Remover
  • Corrected spelling of “select” on the Heirarchy To vLookup range selection box
  • Corrected spelling of Nutilities on installer message boxes
  • Corrected description of If IsError Formula Wrap

Nutilities 20190305

  • Added Find UnRefreshable Pivots to Author’s Favorites: (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R)

Nutilities 20190201

  • Added Hierarchy To Vlookup to Author’s Favorites: (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T)
  • Added UnPivot-Compact to Author’s Favorites: (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Y)
  • Modified UnPivot on Author’s Favorites to accept inputs from compact pivot tables, and to not error anymore on input of a single column of values: (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Y)

Nutilities 20181120

  • Redesigned the installation process to require the use of an ever-changing password

Nutilities 20181119

  • Fixed “Auto-filter Master: Exclude” to work with more than 32,767 Rows

Nutilities 20181102

  • Removed columnsToData Nutility and replaced it with UnPivot — which is much faster and allows for unpivoting multiple header rows (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y)

Nutilities 20181017

  • Added new Password Remover to Author’s Favorites: (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F5)
  • Deprecated old hidden Password Remover Nutility: Unlock = (Shift+F5) and
    Relock = (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F5)
  • Added =fromRight to Custom Formulas
  • Changed =beTween to be case sensitive

Nutilities 20181001

  • Added getWorkSheetNames to Custom Formulas
  • Added linkMe formula maker as a replacement to Column Linker on Custom Formulas: (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L)
  • Deprecated Column Linker, AKA deLinky, from Custom Formulas: (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L)

Nutilities 20180709

  • Added Spread Using Curves Nutility under Custom Formulas tab
  • Changed TraceXtreme Sheet and Cell default keys from “Shift” + “#” to “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Alt” + “#”

Nutilities 20180417

  • Added Concatenator to Custom Formulas

Nutilities 20180402

  • Added Waterfall Chart Creator to Charts

Nutilities 20180305

  • Added Gantt Chart Creator to Charts
  • Fixed Mass File Renamer to exit the utility if the user selects cancel on the Choose Folder Dialog
  • Corrected a typo on the Mass File Renamer Nutilities Menu Description
  • Corrected Columns to Data Nutilities Menu Description to actually show the pivotable output
  • Corrected a typo on the error warning for Milestone/Timeline Chart Creator

Nutilities 20180304

  • Added Chart DataLabel Width Adjuster to Charts — primarily to help with MileStone / TimeLine Nutility, but works with all datalabels.  Only works in Excel versions 2013+
  • Added the option to delete all custom settings when uninstalling (keys/colors… etc) — a complete uninstall
  • Fixed MileStone / TimeLine for Excel versions 2013+ to have the ErrorBar arrows at the end, not the beginning — versions 2007 and 2010 worked slightly differently
  • Fixed Nutilities Menu descriptions for =betWeen and =getCellProperties Custom Formulas

Nutilities 20180303

  • Fixed custom cyclers to not allow you to choose 0 for the number of items in the cycler
  • Fixed a rare error in the custom cyclers where if you chose more colors than you had previously setup, then exited the setup form by clicking cancel after clicking save or restore default, the cycler would error out when being used once it reached the number of the items that had never been setup

Nutilities 20180221

  • Added Cell Multi-Font-Color to Formatting / View
  • Fixed Nutilities Splash / Menu getting lost off-screen when Default Key List export used on first install
  • Fixed Show All Utilities user friendly description on Default Key List export

Nutilities 20171113

  • Ultra-optimized Nutilities load time and file size to be faster / 10x smaller (compressed pic files)
  • Reorganized Nutilities Splash / Menu to have more tabs and reduce clutter
  • Added MileStone / TimeLine chart creator
  • Added =betWeen to Custom Formulas
  • Added export Default Key List to Intro / Setup
  • Removed Custom Border cycler place holder from custom cyclers — could not see value there
  • Fixed Unhide All Sheets default key bind typo

Nutilities 20171014

  • Added Mass File Renamer to Author’s Favorites
  • Color cycler fixed

Nutilities 20171006

  • Added getCellProperties to Custom formulas
  • Various fixes to custom cyclers

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