Install / Uninstall

A quick tutorial on installing and uninstalling the Nutilities MS Excel Addin.

Nutilities comes with a built-in installer and CANNOT be Installed / Uninstalled manually.

The installer for Nutilities is not an .exe file, but an .xls file with a macro — in other words, it can be installed on most computers even if your IT department does not allow you to install program files.

The 5 Steps to Installing Nutilities:

  1. Download the .zip file to your desktop
  2. Double-click into the .zip file
  3. Double-Click the .xls file (It is important to not rename this .xls file!)
  4. Enable Macros
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions

Once installed, all of the Nutilities utilities will be available to the Excel user whenever Excel is opened.

A list of the available utilities can be found in Excel by hitting CTRL + Shift + Alt + Enter

Nutilities can be uninstalled at any time by hitting CTRL + Shift + Alt + U

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