Spread Using Curves

Firstly, I’d like to thank Conner — delivering great ideas as always!
And also a big thanks to SHG and his posts on MrExcel.com/forum — one of his posts and sample files gave me a great starting point on how to develop this.

This Nutility allows you to spread an amount over a period of time (a range of cells) by using either a generic Beta Curve, or an S Curve (aka Logistic Curve) — the S Curve used can either be a standard S Curve, or it can be tweaked by specifying a specific cum % you want to reach at 2 different periods and it will plot along that S Curve.

You can optionally spread a cumulative or a periodic amount to each period. Also, if you need more flexibility on the format of your range, you can optionally use one of the provided custom formulas instead of the Nutility to perform your spread.

I plan on coming back and writing more on this Nutility and its uses later. But for now, you can see how it works in practice by downloading the demo file below. The demo file requires you to have the latest Nutilities installed before opening. If you open it and all the formulas are displaying errors, try hitting CTRL + ALT + F9 to force the workbook to recalculate all formulas.