=getCellProperties custom Nutilities formulas

With this addin installed, these formulas will allow you to return a lot of the different properties of a given Cell. Great for filtering out bolded, italicized, indented, subtotaled…etc…rows.

=getCellColor(cellAddress) — returns fill color number
=getCellFontColor(cellAddress) — returns font color number
=getCellIndents(cellAddress) — returns number of indents
=getCellFontType(cellAddress) — returns font name
=getCellFontIsBold(cellAddress) — returns True/False if bold
=getCellFontIsItalic(cellAddress) — returns True/False if italic
=getCellFontIsUnderlined(cellAddress) — returns T/F if underlined
=getCellIsFormula(cellAddress) — returns True/False if a formula
=getCellNumberFormat(cellAddress) — returns the number format
=getCellVerticalAlignment(cellAddress) — vert alignment number
=getCellHorizontalAlignment(cellAddress) — horiz alig number
=getCellFontSize(cellAddress) — returns font size
=getCellOrientation(cellAddress) — returns orientation number

NOTE: when a cell has a mix of formats, the number returned will be 0

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