=Delimiter(Range, Optional Wrap, Optional Delimiter)

With this addin installed, this function works like any other worksheet formula. In a cell put “=Delimiter()” … Remember! If you share a workbook with this formula, it will not work for the recipient if they don’t have the addin. Hardcode formulas first.

Delimiter is used to take a range of cell values and concatenate them into a single cell. By default it wraps the values with nothing and delimits the values with a comma. However, you may provide whatever text you wish to wrap the values with and delimit them.

Example: the formula for cells A1 to A4, wrapped with dashes, delimited with a semicolon would be this: =Delimiter(A1:A4, “-“, “;”) So if the values of A1 to A4 were Map, Car, Dog, Rat, this formula would produce -Map-;-Car-;-Dog-;-Rat-

To use quotes as a delimiter or wrapper you cannot just type “””. It would instead be “”””. Note the extra set of quote marks. Quotes inside quotes must be doubled-up.

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