Hierarchy to vLookup

Default Keys: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T

This Nutility will change a hierarchy sitting in a single column, to a table format, allowing you to perform vLookups against it. Great for hierarchy exports from TM1 or Essbase! Ragged hierarchies are OK.

For Example. If when prompted for a range, you select the light-green cells from the Input hierarchy below, a new sheet will be created for you with the Output table. This assumes you respond with the correct Generation_Identifier — it will usually be “TM1 / Excel-Indents”, or a specific number of space characters for each indent between rows. In the example below, each generation level was indicated by adding 4 spaces per level. So in the popup I entered 4 spaces.

This Nutility requires you to have the Nutilities Excel add-in installed in order to use it. If you don’t know what Nutilities is, or where to get it, please start at my web-page here: http://iwishexcel.com . The add-in is completely free to use.