Find UnRefreshable Pivots

Default Keys: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + R

This Nutility will create a worksheet within the active workbook listing any pivot tables in the workbook that it could not refresh.

When using Excel’s built-in “Refresh All” button to refresh all the pivots in a workbook, you may notice that it errors out on some pivots without detailing which pivots had the error. This Nutility will allow you to identify them, and conveniently provide hyperlinks to each pivot so that you can fix them.

See the below picture for an example. That is what the Nutility will output if it finds any pivots it cannot refresh.

The typical reason a pivot cannot be refreshed is because it will overlap another table in the workbook — usually adding columns/rows around it will solve the issue. However, there may be other reasons a pivot will not refresh, such as a PowerPivot linked table no longer existing…This Nutility does not specify what the error is.

This Nutility requires you to have the Nutilities Excel add-in installed in order to use it. If you don’t know what Nutilities is, or where to get it, please start at my web-page here: . The add-in is completely free to use.

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