Auto-filter Master

CTRL + ALT + A = Include List
CTRL + Shift + A = Exclude List

Used to filter an auto-filter column field based on a list located in a column.

You have a worksheet with an auto-filter enabled on it. In the second column of your auto-filter data you have a list of 10,000 names (500 or so of which are distinct). On a separate sheet you have a column of 35 distinct names which you want to filter that auto-filter column on. You could use the auto-filter dropdown and sift through the 500 or so names, and check each of the 35 as you find them, but that would take forever…

Or, highlight the 35 names and hit CTRL+ALT+A. A popup will appear with instructions guiding you to double click the column you want filtered. Without closing the popup, double click any cell within that 10,000 name column and the auto-filter will be automatically filtered using the values from the list you had selected when you ran this utility.


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